“It’s good to want,” I say.

At my funeral, my children will probably remember this as one of many phrases I repeat ad nauseum. (Another is “Where are your shoes? You just had them? Where did you put your shoes!?”) I sincerely believe it—it’s good to want. In general, it’s good for us to lack, to miss, to desire, to not have, to wish, to hope.

To hope.

Hold that thought…

I did not vote for Donald Trump, did not want Donald Trump and (from everything I read before the election) did not expect The Donald to win. I received a surprise last night. I think even many of his supporters were surprised.

The dumbfounded, blank gapes and stutters of last night’s pollsters and “experts” said it all—they(/me/we) were caught completely off guard. This morning, I watched “highlights” of Stephen Colbert’s completely deflated election special. I feel a little sorry for him. It’s no secret that he loathes Donald Trump and fully expected Madame Clinton to return to Pennsylvania Ave. He was visibly flustered.

I have to write this today, before the shock abates: If you are one of the surprised, remember this feeling. Write down how surprised you feel. If on Tuesday morning you were so sure about a reality now disproved, consider this: You can be utterly wrong. Even people who study and test, poll and prod scientifically (and not) get it wrong sometimes. Completely wrong.

Even the most prepared will sometimes be surprised.

And that’s good to remember. Be humble.

I’m religious—you may not be; that’s okay. You’re welcome to skip the next paragraph if you aren’t religious.

Seeing smugly sure people reduced to astonishment reminds me of scriptures. And it reminds me that there will come a day when the world is even more surprised than last night. One day, as a thief in the night, at an hour when ye think not, suddenly, the Lord Jesus Christ will return to the earth. It won’t stand to reason. It will be baffling. The data won’t support it. I promise that you will be surprised. People will fall down and say, “No way!”

I want to be ready for that day.

Are you still holding that thought from above? Hope?

Last night’s presidential surprise may have made you sad or even despondent. (I know because I’ve read your tweets and posts). Well, you don’t have to be sad or despondent. I’ve received a second surprise today—

I’m unexpectedly hopeful and happy!

  1. I’m happy because I was reminded (by the scriptures) that our Father in Heaven has made certain promises that He will absolutely keep. So, read the scriptures.

  2. Because of this assurance, I have hope about our country. Things will probably work out. And if they don’t here, they will in the next life.

  3. I’m happy because I (along with many of you) have been thrust into an unpleasant situation—a challenge. Maybe we lack a good president. Maybe you wish for something else.

    I really want for things to work out. Enough that my wanting (and yours) might lead to the Twin Gifts of Want: work and appreciation.

  4. And I’m happy being reminded of my God-given duty as a father. I can’t control the President now—what’s done is done. But I can be a better father.

I want our country to be good. Who knows, maybe Donald will surprise us?

But even more than that, I want my children to be good. And I actually have some control over that.

…if I could just find their shoes.