I hope the following picture (credit to Zeldapedia) takes a noticeable time to load in your browser:


We bought a new washing machine a few weeks ago. The sound the washer makes when you turn it on sounds an awful lot like the sound A Link to the Past makes when you turn it on. So my washing machine has been suggesting that I play A Link to the Past. And I’ve learned that when your washing machine makes noises, you should listen :)

I installed ZSNES and then found a place to get the ROM. I downloaded it and a second later I… wait, a second? It took a mere second to download the game? A second to download one of the greatest video games ever made, including the fun graphics, great music, engaging plot and many puzzles—things responsible for hours of my childhood entertainment.

So how big is the Link to the Past ROM? 1MB. Almost exactly as big as that image up above. In a world where addictive and terrible games are 20x the size, and beautiful blockbusters are 250x bigger, I had to pinch myself and verify that, in fact, this old immersive gem is really smaller than most photos.

It reminds me that you can achieve a lot with a little.