A few months ago, I bought Monument Valley (a phone/tablet game). Here’s their trailer:

I decided I’d play it through with my 2-year-old, and every time Ida would go through a door or go behind something or disappear for any reason, Madeleine would immediately ask, “Where’s Ida?”

And so, in our house, the game is called Where’s Ida? It’s a beautifully done, delightful game. I recommend it despite the price. We’ve played and re-played it countless times. And Madeleine can play many of the levels herself. (She gets upset at the crow that presses the button that closes the door.)

In one level, Ida meets a friend: Totem.

Totem 1

The opportunity was too good to pass up. And so, for Halloween, we decided to dress up as Ida and Totem.

Here’s the final result:

Ida and her Friend

And here’s the progression:

Brown boxes

Ida's hat

Yellow boxes


Painted version 1

It’s amazing how much life the eye lends to the costume!


Madeleine came out that night, ran up to Totem and said, “My friend!”

Ida and friend

More taping

This is how I see. I turn the phone to camera mode and set the camera against a small hole. It works surprisingly well.

Cyborg vision

Wearing it at work.

At work

The whole family (including the magician and her rabbit).


Happy Halloween! And thank you, ustwo, for a very fun game.